Graduation Day!

12:30pm in the Gym

Please sit on the bleachers!

We have a great show planned for you :)


No backpacks need to come to school. Please do send a snack and lunch (if you didn't order one!).


Dates to Remember!

May 5th, 10am Mass Sacred Heart First Communion

 8th, (Time?) May Crowning

10th No School

13th 8:00am-8:45am Muffins With Mom

14th Mad Science Assembly

23rd Spring Concert

30th No School

June 4th Kindergarten last day-Kindergarteners go home with you after the program :)


The Kindergarten class was given a beautiful flag as a Thank You for the care packages they gathered before Christmas. We were honored with 2 guests…Gina Hellerman-postmaster of Mpls, and Mike Lepree- customer relations coordinator/Mpls. We thank them for coming to our classroom and the awesome gift. Be sure to look for it at conferences. 

M+A+T+H= Math

Math is bringing new challenges as the students are beginning to add and regroup. They are the learning sorting and graphing skills. The class is also learning how to explain their answer beyond the “I just knew.” It is great to see their math brains at work.   

2 + 2 =4

"Well when I count by 2's...I go 2, 4 and if you look at the numbers there are two 2s. That equals four."

School Lunch

Important information about hot lunch:

TAHER: brings the lunches to our school :)

SHCS places the orders according to the calendar you submitted to school.

TAHER makes the lunches to fill the orders placed and SHCS is billed according to the number ordered. 


When you check the box on the menu your child's lunch account will be charged for that lunch.

This includes when they are out sick, on vacation or bring bag lunch!

If the calendar menu is checked the account will be charged.

Please be sure to copy the calendar you send into school.


It is an exciting year for our lunch program and the meals look great!

Life Skills

:) Kindergarteners are learning the 12 most powerful words. They are: trace, analyze, infer, evaluate, formulate, describe, support, explain, summarize, compare, contrast, predict. If you ask your student they should be able to tell you what some of these words mean. (Trace/compare-are two that we have worked on so far.) We are also learning a chant with these words and actions to go with it. Ask your child if they can do it!

:) Kindergarteners are also learning to organize their winter gear and tie shoes.

:) The peace table has been introduced to the class. At this table Kindergarteners can work out issues they are having on recess, in line or at lunch. Kinders visit the peace table if they were budged in line or a friend has said something hurtful. It is a great way for them to work it out and learn the skill of standing up for themselves. 

Mrs. Milliren's Contact Information

Phone: 763-537-1329 Ext. 212


Wish List


balls-small/medium size-any kind (I am trying to create a class set of different kinds.) 

toy boats, air planes, buses, trucks (used is fine)


paper (used on one side is fine!)  We would love donations of paper used on one side. This class I learning the value of recycling and often think of differnt ways to use things we put in the garbage. If your work has a recycling bin and we would love to use some of that paper!